Using C# 6.0 in Visual Studio 2012 and 2013

With the release of VS2015 we were also given a brand new version of C# and a fresh new compiler called Roslyn. The latest C# version has a bunch of new and useful with which you can write cleaner and simpler code. You can read about these neat features here: New Language Features.

I know that some organizations have trouble upgrading to the latest and greatest VS versions, so here’s a way to get all those language features into VS2012 and VS2013 Microsoft.Net.Compilers. Its as simple as installing a NuGet package. Of course, you’ll have to install this into every solution that you want to use these features in but that’s a pretty insignificant amount of overhead. The latest ReSharper works with this package as well, you just have to enable C# support which will be given to you as an option when you write any C# 6.0 specific code.


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